2020 – Online Events

The two Bigas Luna Tribute events planned for 2020 in New York City and Madrid are currently postponed until further notice due to Covid-19. We are looking forward to resuming our programme of screenings, exhibitions and Q&A sessions as soon as it is safe to do so. Meanwhile, we are delighted to participate in the following virtual events.
Unless otherwise indicated, virtual events are live, but recordings also available to view when convenient.

August 2020
Bigas Luna Cultural Week
(Hosted by the Instituto Cervantes Sydney).

This event, hosted by the Instituto Cervantes Sydney, will include steaming of the documentary Bigas Luna, el buen anfitrión (RTVE, 2014) – see preview here – and virtual book launch of El legado cinematográfico de Bigas Luna – available here – from Sunday 9 August. This will be followed on Thursday 13th at 6pm (Sydney time – 9am CET) by a live event ‘Descubriendo a Bigas Luna‘, in conversation with filmmaker Santiago Garrido Rua (director of Bigas x Bigas, 2016), Santiago Fouz Hernández (Durham University, editor of the book and co-organiser of the Bigas Luna Tribute events) and Alfredo Martínez Expósito (University of Melbourne and contributor to both the book and Bigas Luna Tribute events in Barcelona and Australia). Betty Bigas (co-organiser of the Bigas Luna Tribute events) will also appear via video. Free registration is now open via Eventbrite. Please click here to receive materials and here to attend the special zoom webinar event live.


1. Fred The Festival Insider Podcast interview with Santiago Fouz Hernández and Alfredo Martínez Expósito at the Spanish Film Festival Australia (May 2018).

Fred FM Radio – The Festival Insider

2. El legado cinematográfico de Bigas Luna – book launch – film by film on Instagram TV (2020).

3. The Bigas Luna Tribute Australia featured on The Age newspaper (March 2018).

4. The Bigas Luna Tribute Manchester (March-April 2019) – interview with Santiago Garrido Rua and Santiago Fouz Hernández on IC YouTube

June 2020
Book Launch: El legado cinematográfico de Bigas Luna
ed. Santiago Fouz Hernández (Madrid: Tirant lo Blanch, 2020)
(Hosted by Tirant lo Blanch Publishers).

A recording of the 90-min event originally broadcast live on YouTube on June 4th 2020. The event was a presentation of the new book El legado cinematográfico de Bigas Luna (Tirant lo Blanch, 2020) and it was moderated by Dr Esther Gimeno Ugalde (University of Vienna). It consisted of a conversation about each and every feature film of Bigas Luna, from Tatuaje (1976) to BigasxBigas (2016) with the book editor, Santiago Fouz Hernández (Durham University), and 10 of the contributors: Ralf Junkerjürgen (U. Regensburg), Antonio Lázaro Reboll (U. Kent), Abigail Loxham (U. Liverpool), Alfredo Martínez Expósito (U. Melbourne), Alejandro Melero (U. Carlos III Madrid), Gonzalo M Pavés (U. La Laguna), Jorge Pérez (U. Texas at Austin), Carolina Sanabria (U. Costa Rica) and H Rosi Song (U. Durham). The conversation, focused on the film legacy of Bigas Luna, covered key issues to understand his work, such as film genre, acting and performance, national identity, gender and sexuality or recurring imagery, narrative strategies, or aesthetic concerns. Click here for a preview of the first few pages of the book, available as an Ebook now and on paperback in the Autumn.

This book launch is also available by chapters as video episodes on Instagram TV and as an audio podcast.