Press and Reviews

Barcelona (December 2016)

Diari Ara 13 December 2016

Barcelona TV 12 December 2016

El Nacional 13 December 2016

Radio Barcelona

Catalunya Radio

Time Out Barcelona

La Vanguardia 

Acadèmia del Cinema Català

More on Barcelona event at Texas Cinemes, including media pack here.

Newcastle upon Tyne (June 2016)

Interview with Betty Bigas about her father Bigas Luna (Q&A with ¡Vamos! Festival) here.

Interview with Santiago Fouz Hernández about the research behind the Bigas Luna events (Q&A with Durham University) here.

The Guardian newspaper (4 June 2016) described the Newcastle event as ‘pretty unmissable’ in ‘The Guide‘. 

More on Newcastle upon Tyne event at Tyneside Cinema, including media pack here.

Newcastle event Flyer can be downloaded here

San Francisco (March 2015)

The San Francisco Gate covers the event at The Roxie: ‘Industry buzz’

More on San Francisco event at Tyneside Cinema, including social media here.