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The Bigas Luna Tribute New York City took place over a 5-day period on March 18-22, 2022 and included 10 screenings in total, including 3 repeat screenings of Jamón jamón and 2 repeat screenings of Huevos de oro and La teta y la luna.

The event featured 35mm imported prints  of the entire ‘Iberian Portraits’ trilogy, a drinks reception and introductions by Bigas Luna specialists Santiago Fouz Hernandez (Durham University),  Carolina Sanabria (Universidad de Costa Rica) and Gerardo Dapena (NYC-based independent film scholar). The events attracted large audiences, including full-houses for the Jamón jamón screenings over the opening weekend and long Q&A sessions lasting up to 40 mins in some cases.

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Over the past seven years the Bigas Luna Tribute has collaborated with over a dozen cinemas and 4 festivals in 18 cities and 7 countries around the world. We have hosted over 90 screenings so far, attracting large audiences and many institutional and commercial sponsorships. The events provide an opportunity to enjoy the important work of one of Spain’s most iconic filmmakers and to learn more about the context in which they were produced, in conversation with some of his collaborators and international academics that have researched the films.

in 2022 we are celebrating 30 years since the release of Jamón Jamón, the film that launched the careers of Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz. Both actors were also Academy Awards nominees in 2022.

The NYC events were originally scheduled for March 2020 but postponed for 2 years due to the pandemic. We are grateful to Quad cinema and to Durham University for their continued support.  

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FRIDAY 18 March 2022
7.30pm –  Jamón jamón  (1992) with intro by  Prof Santiago Fouz-Hernández (Durham University) followed by Q&A + drinks reception.
SATURDAY 19 March 2022
3.40pm – Huevos de oro/Golden Balls (1993) with intro by Prof Carolina Sanabria (Universidad de Costa Rica) + Q&A.
7pm – La teta y la luna/The Tit and the Moon  (1994) with intro by Dr Gerard Dapena (Independent scholar) + Q&A.


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QUAD CINEMA Bigas Luna event page (programme, notes and tickets)

Jamón jamón  (1992) 
Huevos de oro/Golden Balls (1993)
La teta y la luna/The Tit and the Moon  (1994)

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The Bigas Luna Tribute NYC was a collaboration between Durham University (UK) and
Quad Cinema (34 W. 13th Street, New York, NY 10011).


‘Boundless Bardem’ series (August 2022)

Following the success of The Bigas Luna Tribute NYC, Quad Cinema organised a new retrospective of Javier Bardem, Boundless Bardem in late August 2022, and included Jamón Jamón  (August 19th and 21st) and Golden Balls (August 20th and 21st).

The Bigas Luna Tribute co-presented these two films, which included intros by Prof Santiago Fouz Hernández (Durham University) and once again attracted very large audiences.

QUAD CINEMA Boundless Bardem series page (programme, notes and tickets)

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