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The fourth Bigas Luna Tribute international event took place in Mexico City 8-13 August 2017 in collaboration with the MICGenero film festival. The biggest to date, it included 6 films and 13 screenings in three different venues. The opening took place at Mexico CIty’s iconic Cineteca Nacional on August 8th at 7.30PM with Jamón, jamón (1992), introduced by Santiago Fouz Hernández and followed by a Q&A session.

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Cinepolis Dianain central Mexico City, screened all six films between August 8th and 10th. The Iberian Trilogy was shown as a triple bill on August 9th.

The third venue was the Sala Julio Bracho, Filmoteca Nacional, in the Centro Cultural Universitario of the UNAM (Nacional Autonomous University of Mexico). The retrospective at the Filmoteca included presentations and Q&A sessions and it culminated with the screening of the posthumous documentary film Bigas x Bigas (2016), closing the tribute events on Sunday 13th August.

The full schedule, including all three venues can be consulted here.


Bigas Luna retrospective (MICGenero Catalogue 2017, pp. 110-116).
Bigas Luna retrospective (MICGenero pocket programme 2017).
Filmoteca UNAM August 2017 programme.
Cineteca Nacional Jamón, jamón.

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Bigas Luna Retrospective announcement – news
Bigas Luna Retrospective opens at the Cineteca Nacional – news
Programme (inc synopses and trailers)
Press bulletin

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Cinegarage Interview Adán Salinas (0:59:00)
Instituto Mexicano de la Radio Interview Santiago Fouz (0:09:00)



The third Bigas Luna Tribute event took place in Barcelona on 12-14 December 2016, organised by the filmmaker’s daughter Betty Bigas and Santiago Fouz Hernández (School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Durham University). The event attracted large audiences and included four film screenings (in a screen permanently dedicated to Bigas Luna), as well as presentations by specialists from around the world.

The opening night started with with a memorable speech by filmmaker Ventura Pons about his much missed colleague and friend Bigas Luna. There were contributions by co-organiser Betty Bigas, daughter of the late filmmaker (who took the stage with her two sisters); casting director Consol Tura, and art director Chu Uroz. Tura and Uroz worked with Bigas Luna in the Iberian Trilogy of films – all three films were shown in the Barcelona event and also previously in Newcastle upon Tyne and in San Francisco. Event co-organiser Dr Santiago Fouz Hernández introduced the screening of Jamón, jamón (1992) and gave an overview of the research behind these series of international events. The opening event continued well into the evening with a jamón and cava reception sponsored by Moritz Barcelona and Vallformosa cava.

There were two more screenings and presentations on Tuesday 13 December. Fouz Hernández introduced Huevos de oro (1993) at 8PM, while Professor Alfredo Martínez Expósito (University of Melbourne, Australia) gave a lengthy and engaging presentation on La teta y la luna (1993) at 10.30PM. The screening of La teta y la luna completed the trilogy. The double bill included a break with drinks sponsored by Moritz.

Santiago Fouz, Ventura Pons, Betty Bigas and Consol Tura

This third tribute event culminated on Wednesday 14 December with another inspiring presentation by Professor Carolina Sanabria (IIARTE, Universidad de Costa Rica), author of the well-known book Bigas Luna, el ojo voraz (Laertes, 2010). Professor Sanabria provided a detailed analysis of Bilbao (1978), providing a fascinating historical context for this important film, often heralded as a key text of the Transition. The talk was followed by a very special screening of a recently restored version of Bilbao in 35 mm. The presentation and the screening were very well received by the packed auditorium, aptly named after Bigas Luna.

The events were widely covered by local and regional media, including a full page in the prestigious daily Ara, reports in La Vanguardia and El Nacional, segments on Radio Barcelona, Catalunya Radio, and Barcelona television.

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Media coverage 

Santiago Fouz, Ana Herce Oros, Betty Bigas, María Herce Oros.

Diari Ara 13 December 2016
Barcelona TV 12 December 2016
El Nacional 13 December 2016
Radio Barcelona 12 December 2016
Catalunya Radio 12 December 2016
Diario Crítico 22 December 2016
Time Out Barcelona
La Vanguardia
Acadèmia del Cinema Català

Betty Bigas talks for Catalunya Radio and Santiago Fouz for El nacional on 12 December 2016


Coinciding with the 11th edition of the ¡Vamos! Festival, the Newcastle Bigas Luna tribute event included four film screenings, an exhibition, a special food menu inspired by the ‘Iberian Portraits’ trilogy and and two themed parties.

16-0253LD-088.jpgThe Tyneside Cinema screened the entire ‘Iberian Portraits’ trilogy and DiDi Hollywood over the weekend (10-12 June 2016). All screenings were introduced by Dr Santiago Fouz Hernández. Additionally, the ‘Iberian Portraits’ film screenings were followed by a Q&A session with casting director Consol Tura and Betty Bigas.

16-0253LD-101a.jpgThe ‘Barbaric Comedies’ video art exhibition, curated by Betty Bigas and Santiago Fouz Hernández, was shown at Vane gallery for five days (8-12 June 2016). It showcased some of Bigas Luna’s controversial video artwork, including the famous short Necklace of Flies (2002) and the five-piece video installation ‘Barbaric Comedies’, which was inspired by the well-known work of Spanish dramatist Valle-Inclán. The video installation ‘Barbaric Comedies’ was produced in 2003 to complement Bigas Luna’s extravagant adaptation of the 16-0253LD-073afamous trilogy by Spanish playwright Ramón del Valle-Inclán (1866-1936), the Barbaric Comedies. The seven-hour long performance took place in Sagunto, Spain, as the closing act of the Valencia Biennale. It had a budget of 2.4 million Euros and a cast of 90 actors, including trained theatre actors, street performers and extras, as well as animals. The video pieces were meant to introduce the spectator into the world of Valle-Inclán as re-interpreted by Bigas Luna. 16-0253LD-009The two had a lot in common, as suggested by the pop-up ‘Bigas-Valle Museum’ in the corridor that led to the 10,000-square-metre industrial unit where the main performance took place. The pieces were chosen for this homage event as they are closely related to the ‘Iberian Portraits’ trilogy of films by Bigas Luna being screened at the Tyneside Cinema. The gallery information sheet can be found here.After parties were held at the Tyneside Bar Café on Friday 10 June 2016 and at ¡Vamos! Social on Saturday 11 June 2016.

Nearly 500 people attended the screenings and exhibition combined. The event was recommended by The Guardian The Guide (4 June 2016). The event flyer  is available here and the press release here.

The full Newcastle website is archived here.