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BLT_Postcard_NYC_5_1We are delighted to announce that the next Bigas Luna Tribute will take place in New York City. This important event was originally planned for Spring 2020, but had to be rescheduled due to Covid-19. This page is currently in progress and final details will be published closer to the start of the event. We are grateful to Quad cinema and to Durham University for their continued support. 

The main weekend events will include screenings of the entire ‘Iberian Portraits’ trilogy, a cocktail reception and introductions by Bigas Luna specialists. Dates of main weekend events and repeat screenings will be announced soon.

Over the past seven years the Bigas Luna Tribute has collaborated with over a dozen cinemas and 4 festivals in 18 cities and 7 countries around the world. We have hosted over 70 screenings so far, attracting large audiences and many institutional and commercial sponsorships. The events provide an opportunity to enjoy the important work of one of Spain’s most iconic filmmakers and to learn more about the context in which they were produced, in conversation with some of his collaborators and international academics that have researched the films.

The main events at QUAD CINEMA in NYC are as follows:

TIME TBC Jamón jamón  (1992) with intro by art curator Betty Bigas and Professor Santiago Fouz-Hernández (Durham University) followed by Q&A + cocktail reception.

TIME TBC – Huevos de oro/Golden Balls (1993) with intro by Emeritus Professor Marvin D’Lugo (Clark University). 

TIME TBC – La teta y la luna/The Tit and the Moon  (1994) with intro by Distinguished Professor Paul Julian Smith (CUNY Graduate Center).

DATE/TIME TBC – Huevos de oro (1993).
DATE/TIME TBC – La teta y la luna (1994).
DATE/TIME TBC – Jamón jamón (1992).

We are delighted to collaborate with QUAD CINEMA, our NYC host venue. Please visit their special website ‘Iberian Nights: Bigas Luna’s Passion Trilogy‘ for more information, schedule and tickets.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Bigas Luna Tribute NYC is a collaboration between Durham University (UK) and Quad Cinema (34 W. 13th Street, New York, NY 10011).

For more info and group bookings please contact

QUAD CINEMA Bigas Luna launch page (programme, notes and tickets).
NB The Quad Cinema updated webpages for this event are in progress. 

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