Mexico City

Cineteca_Nacional_15The fourth Bigas Luna Tribute international event will take place in Mexico City 8-13 August 2017. It will include 6 films and 13 screenings shown in three different venues. The opening will take place at Mexico’s iconic Cineteca Nacional on August 8th at 7.30PM with the screening of Jamón, jamón (1992), introduced by Santiago Fouz Hernández. There will be a Q&A session at the end.

Yo soy la Juani/My name is Juani (2006) opens the retrospective at Cinepolis Diana, in central CDMEX, at 10PM also on August 8th. Cinepolis Diana will screen all 6 films between August 8th and 10th.

PosterMex_2017_4The third venue is the Sala Julio Bracho in the Centro Cultural Universitario of the UNAM (Nacional Autonomous University of Mexico). The retrospective there opens on Wednesday 9th August with a double bill:  Jamón, jamón (6PM) and Huevos de oro (1993) (8PM).  Completing the Iberian Portraits trilogy, La teta y la luna (1994) will be shown on August 10th at 8PM. Son de mar (2001) will be shown on Friday 11 August (8 PM) and Yo soy la Juani (2006) on Saturday 12th, also at 8PM. It is hoped that the recent documentary film Bigas x Bigas (2016) will close the retrospective at the Centro Cultural Universitario on Sunday 13th August (6PM).

The full schedule, including all three venues is available here. Screening times are subject to change. Information will be updated on this website and via twitter @bigaslunahomage. Click on the image below for schedule of relevant film.

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The Bigas Luna Tribute in Mexico City is organised by Betty Bigas and Santiago Fouz Hernández in collaboration with the MICgenero film festival and Durham University.

Full programme 8-13 August 2017.
Bigas Luna retrospective (MICgenero Catalogue 2017, pp. 110-116).
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