Organisers and Partners

Organisers and coordinators of all the events:
Special thanks to:
Consol Tura,
Celia Orós,
Dr Christian Mieves (design),
Faculty of Arts and Humanities and School of Modern Languages and Cultures at Durham University.
Costa Rica events (August 2018)
At Centro Cultural de España (AECID) and Casa CaníbalSalvador Vayà Salort (director) and José Rafael Montero (coordinator of cultural events).
At Centro de Cine (Ministry of Culture and Youth, Costa Rica): Yoshua Oviedo Ugalde (director of Preámbulo).
 At IIARTE (Art Research Institute), University of Costa Rica: Patricia Fumero (director IIARTE), Nelson Soto (administrative director), Professor Carolina Sanabria, Dr Bertold Salas.
Australia events (April-May 2018)
At Palace Cinemas and Spanish Film Festival: Paulette Arvizu (national festivals manager), Elysia Zeccola (national festivals director), Laura Emerick (national festivals production coordinator), Alice McShane (national festivals event and communications coordinator), Zak Hepburn (Astor Theatre Manager), Mikaela Burgess (Queensland/ Brisbane festivals coordinator), Gina Rubiano (New South Wales/Sydney festivals, events and marketing coordinator).
At Instituto Cervantes Sydney: Raquel Romero Guillemas (director), Marc Barrios (culture), Miriam García (Marketing).
At Univeristy of Melbourne: Professor Alfredo Martínez Expósito, Jennifer Graham-Williams (administration), Abraham Hernández Cubo (panel coordinator).
At University of Queensland: Dr Carles Gutiérrez Sanfeliu (panel coordinator).
Embassy of Spain in Australia: Ana María Alonso Giganto (Counsellor), Christel Maria Möller (Cultural Activities).
Spanish Consulate in Melbourne: Consul-General Juan Carlos Gafo Acevedo, Culture: Olivido Martín Guillén.
Spanish Consulate in Sydney: Consul-General Juan Manuel Molina.
Photography Melbourne: Viviana Barrero; Sydney: Olaya Campbell
Catering Melbourne: Bouzy Rouge (Chef Marc Albalate), Brisbane: Moda Restaurant; Sydney: Torres Wine, Ola Lola Cafe, Eatery.
Guitar music: Melbourne: Valentino Gikovski; Sydney: Pamela Rodríguez.
Publicity: Asha Holmes

Valencia event (December 2017)
At Cinemes Albatexas: Ventura Pons, Angels Gelabert, Ricard Almazán, Antoni Llorens, Josevi Marco.
Santiago Garrido Rúa (filmmaker).
Celia Orós (film producer and widower of Bigas Luna).
Carmen Chaves Gastaldo (scriptwriter).
Professor Carolina Sanabria (IIARTE, Universidad de Costa Rica).

Mexico City event (August 2017)
At MicGénero festival: Adán Salinas Alverdi, Anthony Groussard, Emmanuel Miranda, Cecilia Parodi, Michele Plasencia, Anhelé Sánchez.
Filmoteca UNAM: Doris Morales Bautista (Press), Guillermo Resendiz (video and design).
Cineteca Nacional.
Cinépolis Diana.
Barcelona event (December 2016)
At Cinemes Texas: Ventura Pons, Angels Gelabert, Ricard Almazan.
Professor Alfredo Martínez Expósito (University of Melbourne),
Professor Carolina Sanabria (IIARTE, Universidad de Costa Rica).
Newcastle upon Tyne event (June 2016)
At Durham University: Dr Abir Hamdar, Hazel Edwards, Heather Fenwick,  Marketing and Communications team, Leighton Kitson, and the students John Gilbert, Emily Higgins, Luce Sabin, Hanna Watkins.
At Tyneside Cinema: Chris Scott, Jonny Tull, Holli Keeble
At Tyneside Bar Café: Tom Adlam (head chef)
At ¡Vamos!: Nik Barrera
At Vane: Paul Stone and Christopher Yeats
San Francisco event (March 2015)
At Roxie Theater: Isabel Fontdevila
At Durham University: Faculty of Arts and Humanities and University research impact funds for financial support; Abir Hamdar, Hazel Edwards and Rachael Barnwell for their advice and encouragement with organisational matters; Heather Fenwick for her help with administrative matters; Matthew Hilborn for his assistance with organisation of impact evidence gathered since 2017.
At Intellect: Tim Mitchell, Julie Strudwick
Studies in Spanish and Latin American Cinemas: Marvin D’Lugo and Ana López.
… and to all family and friends who offered support and everyone who attended or are planning toattend any future events.
This project is dedicated to Bigas Luna.
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