El legado cinematográfico de Bigas Luna (2020), edited by Santiago Fouz Hernández. This book is a collection of 15 essays that study in detail Bigas Luna’s entire filmography, from Tatuaje (1976) to the posthumous documentary Bigas x Bigas (2016). Each film has a dedicated chapter – with the exception of the ‘Iberian Portraits’ trilogy and the posthumous work, which are covered in single chapters. Authors: Santiago Fouz Hernández (Durham), Rosi Song (Bryn Mawr), Carolina Sanabria (Costa Rica), Antonio Lázaro Reboll (Kent), Jorge Pérez (Texas Austin), Jean-Claude Seguin (Lyon), Alejandro Melero (Carlos III Madrid), Marvin D’Lugo (Clarke), Ralf Junkerjürgen (Regensburg), Abigail Loxham (Liverpool) and Gonzalo M Pavés (La Laguna).

Special issue on Bigas Luna edited by Santiago Fouz Hernández with articles by Jean-Claude Seguin, Carolina Sanabria, Marvin D’Lugo, Alfredo Martínez-Expósito and Abigail Loxham. Foreword by Ventura Pons.
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