Santiago Fouz, Celia Orós, Betty Bigas, Carmen Cháves and Santiago Garrido Rúa during the Q&A session after BigasxBigas on 15 December 2017.

The fifth Bigas Luna Tribute event took place in Valencia, Spain, on 15-17 December 2017. The event focused on the Mediterranean influence in the work of Bigas Luna and included three screenings with introductions and Q&A sessions. There were seven invited speakers, the highest number of any Bigas Luna Tribute event to date. The event was hosted by Albatexas Cinemes.

The Valencia tribute opened on Friday 15 December 2017 with Bigas x Bigas (2017). The film was Introduced by Santiago Garrido Rúa (co-director of Bigas x Bigas), Celia Orós (co-producer and widower of Bigas Luna), Betty Bigas (art curator/designer and daughter of Bigas Luna),  Carme Cháves (co-scriptwriter of Yo soy la Juani,  DiDi Hollywood and Segon Origen) and Ventura Pons (filmmaker and colleague of Bigas Luna). Presenters were joined by Santiago Fouz Hernández (Durham University) and Carolina Sanabria (University of Costa Rica) for a Q&A with the audience at the end of the screening, which was followed by a reception.

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On Saturday 16 December Professor Sanabria introduced Huevos de oro (1993) and on Sunday 17 December 2017 Professor Fouz Hernández introduced Son de mar (2001). All presentations and the Q&A session focused on aspects of the influence of the Mediterranean in the work of Bigas Luna, both as a place (Benidorm in Huevos de oro, Dénia in  Son de mar) and as an identity (food, customs, lifestyle). The discussions explored the tensions between idyllic representations of the Mediterranean as an idealised paradise and their deconstruction through more realistic and critical depictions of parts of the coast ruined by land speculation.

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